A Little Sweet – my 3rd book

My blog posts for the last few days comprised of:

novellas, Spiritualism, Neurology, Infrasonics, Beat Generation, counter-culture, Surrealism

Read how these themes come together in my latest work ‘ A Little Sweet’, a novella.

This is a tale told by the grandson of Siew Po, the Most Awesome Medium of the Village. The narrative is split into two different eras, 30 years apart:
Siew Po holds seances, bringing up the dead to assure the loved ones of the dead the continued existence of the departed. Having a pass across the Netherworld is not without its costs however, as her occupation imposes its toll on her family.

30 years later in the 21st century, a neuroscientist attempts to study the scientific basis of seances and debunk ‘meaningless superstitions’. In his pursuit, he was led to a remote village where a ‘Most Awesome Medium’ used to live with her family, all of whom died in horrible circumstances.

A story within a story explores the life of ‘Little Sweet’, the toddler ghost who lives underneath Siew Po’s altar.

There is a lot of ‘firsts’ for me in this. My first time attempting horror. The first time writing a novella.( I like it; smoother story-telling compared to a novel or short stories). Readers who’ve read Story of Lee will find the east-west, objective-subjective, logic-morality dichotomies familiar as its hard for me to change my ways.


Now available as paperback on Amazon!

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