Mackenzie King – An unflattering biography


Dr King- The other one..the white one.

First, the good stuff: Mackenzie King is considered one of the most influential Prime Minister in Canada. He was also the longest-serving (22 years) and holds the record for being the only Canadian PM to date who had 5 university degrees and a PhD. He was responsible for bringing Canada into full autonomy from the British. He anticipated and guided the nation through World War 2 and left an socialistic imprint on Canadian society that is still evident today. Today, his portrait adorns the Canadian $50 note.

Secondly, Mackenzie King was crazy as a loon and an outright racist.

He  sent 22,000 Canadian Japanese to internment camps despite advice from his own military that they were law-abiding and not a threat.

His PhD dissertation? -it was titled ‘Oriental Immigration to Canada’ where he argued against immigration of Asian peoples and that ‘Canada should remain a white man’s country is believed to be not only desirable for economic and social reasons but highly necessary…’

“We must seek to keep this part of the Continent free from unrest and from too much intermixture of foreign strains of blood”.

From King’s Diary, 1938. Prime Minister of Canada 

And he thought Hitler was a ‘Joan of Arc’ and subsequently blocked Jewish refugees into Canada.

More pertinently, Mackenzie King liked to call up the dead. He was deeply involved with Spiritualism and frequently held seances to consult dead spirits. That’s not too crazy for that time. After all, Arthur Conan Doyle and Abraham Lincoln were known to dabble in mediums. But who did Mackenzie wish to speak with from the realms of the dead? His pet dog.


Loon in Canada

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