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of Elections

With impending elections in both Malaysia and the United States, once again I’m reminded of the rigid dichotomy that is the source of contention in both nations. Do these sound familiar? Republican vs Democrats Liberals vs Conservatives BN vs PKR … Continue reading

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Triads/Highbinders Continue reading

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Lam Qua the Painter and Who was Peter Parker?

Lam Qua was an interesting 19th century Chinese painter from Canton. He stood out from his peers for being a Western-styled specialist and was the first Chinese portrait painter to be exhibited in the West. His most famous body of … Continue reading

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“…miners’ penis and testicles were cut off and toasted in a nearby saloon as a “trophy of the hunt….”

Massacre of the Chinese at Rock Springs, Wyoming”: From Harper’s Weekly: Harper’s Weekly, Vol. 29 Imagine you are a stray dog living in the harsh frontier town of Rock Springs, Wyoming. The year is 1885. Your mother died in childbirth; … Continue reading

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Peach Blossoms

“…The youngest was Little Peach Blossoms, the Old Master’s youngest daughter. She was three years younger than me, with sharp dimpled cheeks blessed with a perpetual smile and eyes that were most agreeable; the type that tears your heart if … Continue reading

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I see ghosts

Charles Bonnet syndrome is a medical condition which describes patients with visual loss that have complex visual hallucinations, They are mentally healthy people with varying degree of visual impairment, have vivid, complex recurrent visual hallucinations often described as complex patterns … Continue reading

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The Qianlong E…

The Qianlong Emperor [pic] (25 September 1711 – 7 February 1799) was the sixth emperor of the Qing Dynasty, and reigned from 11 October 1735 to 8 February 1796. Traditionally included in the ‘Three Great Emperors of the Qing Dynasty’, … Continue reading

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