With reference to my last post, while America was partying throughout the 1920s, their European counterparts were getting real, surreal; as a matter of fact.

Emerging from the ashes of the Great War (if only they knew what’s lurking in 1942), European artists were dabbling in a counter-culture movement called Dada, which would eventually evolve into Surrealism. And one of their foremost evangelist was Salvador Dali.


Salvador Dali (1904 – 1989) There will never be another… man or moustache.

Besides possessing a historic, medically important moustache, Dali’s revolutionary artistic style, eccentric behavior and public outbursts continued to fuel speculation as to the severity and extent of his migraines. Refer to my previous post of Alice in Wonderland Syndrome which describes ‘shrinking sensation, or loss of visual, auditory and time perception…’





So what about his moustache?

The EKG abnormality to recognize in cases of digoxin toxicity is ‘sagging’ of the ST- segment


It’s called the Salvador Dali sign.

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2 Responses to Surrealism

  1. John Jung says:

    fascinating post… and the link to the EKG teaching tutorials is fantastic…thanks!

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