Excerpt #1

“He just needs a real friend,” Siew Po was saying.” We all had imaginary friends when we were young. Didn’t you?”

“Yes but under the altar?” Ma asked incredulously.

“Small children have incredible imagination. Perhaps I shouldn’t let him in my séances anymore,” Siew Po said.

“Imaginary friend huh,” Ma said. “ You sure it isn’t…you know…those things?”

“Shush!” Siew Po slapped Ma on the arm. “Of course it isn’t! Our altar is sanctified by gods! Evil spirits won’t dare come near!”

“Lam Lam, about Little Sweet..” Ma turned to me.

“No don’t!” Siew Po interrupted, forcefully standing between Ma and I. I managed to catch her little gesture to her. She tapped her chest with her hand- signifying

‘I’m scared.’

A Little Sweet, ERNIE YAPA little Sweet


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