Author’s Biography

My name is Ernie Yap. I reside in Hurley, Wisconsin. I am originally from Malaysia. This blogsite’s primary purpose is to showcase my book ‘Story of Lee‘; which celebrates the enigmatic Chinese cook in Steinbeck’s magnum opus; East of Eden (1952). Written for both readers and non-readers of Steinbeck in mind, Lee illustrates the lives of Chinese sojourners in America in the 19th century, geopolitical upheavals, Chinatown intrigues and cultural and racial wars. Against such startling background also laid a forbidden love story.While in medical school, I survived crippling poverty by working as a freelance writer for print and online media in Malaysia, Canada and the United States. I did book reviews, short stories and non fictions.

My first attempt at a novel was titled RAMA which now lies fallow on my desktop.

STORY OF LEE is my second attempt.


2 Responses to About

  1. Eugenia says:

    Totally think you should publish Rama too!!

  2. Roy Tomkinson says:

    The answer is to keep, and keep, and keep writing.

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