Blurry Vision and Clear Art


who needs Photoshop when you have Baroque masters?

Christina wrote a great piece on The Impressionists that reminded me of an old story about the founder and possibly the greatest of The Impressionist Movement: Jean-Claude Monet.

Now, the Impressionists were a new breed of radical artists who painted their subjects as their eyes directed them, instead of conceptually with extravagant trimmings and creative details, like the more popular Baroque style; that led to blonde, blue-eyed Jesus and Caucasian Father Abraham portraits to litter all over the Renaissance.


Monet  (1840 – 1926) towards the end of his life was afflicted with cataract. Being a true master of Impressionism, he painted nature as he saw them; without embellishment.

Below is Woman in a Garden, painted in 1867 when he was 27 years old.


Now compare with Nymphéas, reflets de saule, completed in 1919, when he was 79 years old:


With cataract, one’s vision will continue to deteriorate. In 1923, cataract surgery development was at an early stage. Monet decided to undergo it; after which he produced the following:


…the outcome from cataract surgery is definitely better these days


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One Response to Blurry Vision and Clear Art

  1. Definitely my favorite art movement! Interesting story, I had no idea he had cataract!

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